Miettinen Cottage is the ultimate hangout spot for smaller groups who wants to enjoy the mesmerising beauty of Fäboda.

Rent Jakobstad’s best view

About Miettinen Cottage

The Miettinen cottage, located by the smooth rocks of Fäboda, is the perfect remote spot for groups that want to hang out amid the beautiful nature. You can throw something on the grill, go for a swim or play some volleyball. During the winter you can go skiing on the ice. In this place where time seems to stand still, there’s always a good reason to relax and enjoy the surroundings. Why not finish off a hike along one of Fäboda’s hiking trails with a stay at the cosy cottage by the beach?

Whatever you decide upon doing, a day at Miettinen cottage is suitable for all ages and many different occasions.


Bookings are accepted all year round by e-mail to info@visitjakobstad.fi

It’s also possible to book by phone at Visit Jakobstad
+358 44 403 8564 (Paulina) +358 44 493 8834 (Matilda)

Payment is made at the time of booking. If you’d like to cancel your stay, you will have to do so 24 hours before check-in to receive a full refund. Any cancellations after that will not be compensated.

We accept the following payment methods:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Masterpass
  • MobilePay
  • Pivo
  • Siirto

Cash payment is not possible.

  • 4h 80 €
  • 8h 120 €
  • 24h 160 €
  • More than 24h: contact us

Good to know

The cabin is equipped with a long dinner table for a party of up to 16 people, and an open fireplace, among other things. There’s also a gas fireplace that you can use to heat the cabin. Visitors are required to bring their own gas and firewood if they want to heat up the cottage or throw something on the grill. The electricity from the solar panels on the cabin roof can power the lights, the coffee maker and the projector, but not, for example, a heater or other appliances that require a lot of power.

Outside the cabin, there’s also the possibility of building a fire at the nearby firepit. There is a water boiler in the cabin, but remember to bring your own water.

There’s also a simple incinerating toilet inside the cottage, but no running water. There are no beds in the cottage, and you can’t book it for overnight stays.





Experience Fäboda all year round

Experience the seasons changing at the cottage, which is easily accessible through the hiking trail starting at the parking area at Fäboda Coffee House.

The barrier-free trail enables you to reach the cottage at any time. It’s accessible by wheelchair or with a pram, as long as the ground is free from snow.

Winter at Miettinen Cottage

For those who want to experience Fäboda’s beautiful winter nature, we encourage you to bring warm clothes, sitting pads and blankets to keep yourselves warm while heating the cottage. The cabin can serve as a warming refuge for skiers, groups in search of the spectacular northern lights or those who want to admire the power of the sea from the bird tower nearby.

There are many options and possibilities but bear in mind that neither the terrace nor the barrier-free hiking trail is maintained during the winter months, which can limit accessibility.


Fäboda kur and Miettinen Cottage

You’re neither the first nor will you be the last. Generations of people have flocked to Fäboda’s beaches to enjoy the fresh sea air and beautiful nature. Here, it’s easy to be present in every breath and to marvel at the time that has honed the rocks to their irregular perfection.

At the beginning of the 20th century, there was a strong belief that the sea air offered health benefits. In 1916, a treatment centre targeting those suffering from pulmonary diseases was founded at Fäboda. The sanatorium was named Fäboda kur, and was built very close to where the Miettinen Cottage stands today. The place itself was built around 1956 by Lauri Johannes Miettinen, the director of the Strengberg tobacco factory.

Fäboda kur was demolished in the 1980s, but Miettinen Cottage, on the other hand, was allowed to remain and continued to function as a summer cottage for the city’s employees. Today, the cottage has been renovated and adapted to accommodate groups of people (e.g. groups of friends, families and colleagues) who want to spend time together outside by the most beautiful beaches in Jakobstad.

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About Lauri Miettinen

Lauri Johannes Miettinen (1905–1963) was a hard-working and versatile man who, during his life, held several influential positions and professional roles. For example, he worked as an ambassador in Spain, won gold in the Finnish Championship 4 x 100 metres relay race, became acquainted with President Urho Kekkonen, served as CEO of one of Finland’s largest tobacco factories and translated books and plays into Finnish.

The year was 1953, in the height of summer, when the moving fleet and Miettinen’s family arrived in Jakobstad. The move had been prompted by Lauri Miettinen being hired as managing director of Strengberg’s tobacco factory (or Oy Ph. U. Strengberg and Kni Ab, the company’s official name). Once in Jakobstad, Miettinen soon became involved in the town’s associational activities. He quickly gained the chairman title of The English Club and the parent’s council of Pietarsaaren yhteislyseo, among other things.

Miettinen is probably best known for his contributions to Finnish sports. He was secretary of the Finnish Olympic Committee from 1938 to 1947. He was also a member of the organising committee for the Olympics in Helsinki in 1952. His acquaintance with prominent figures like Urho Kekkonen and Paavo Nurmi came through their shared interest in sports.

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